DTD and Schema Development

Staying in Touch

GreenPoint’s DTD/Schema team is a reliable partner in assessing print and electronic-publishing project requirements. Our team interacts with clients in any way the project demands: either following client direction or providing detailed operational planning when creating, editing, and finalizing your DTD (Document Type Definition) and Schema projects.

Led by publishing experts with extensive industry experience, GreenPoint’s team guarantees that its clients’ layouts are readily transferrable to the virtual databases of the world. Our dedicated team offers DTD and Schema Development services for the following document types:

  • Simple ISO 12083 or TEI-Lite
  • NLM (National Library of Medicine) journals and books
  • DITA
  • ATA 100 (complex aircraft industry specification)
  • DocBook
  • Ovid DTDs

In addition, we also provide services using the W3C XML Schema Definition (XSD) recommendation and RELAX NG (ISO/IEC 19757-2).

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