All-in-One Subscriptions Reach More Customers

Customers Want More than Just an Ebook Subscription Service

Customers Want More than Just an Ebook Subscription Service

In December 2015, Scribd, the ebook subscription service, demonstrated its versatility by adding a new type of offering: sheet music. With this addition, Scribd’s subscribers can retrieve sheet music from Hal Leonard, a well-known publisher of songbooks. The 2,600 selections come from a range of styles, including classics and pop favorites. Members can search for desired sheet music by instrument, genre, level of difficulty, song title, or artist.

Subscribers to Scribd pay $8.99 monthly for unlimited access to its content. According to Scribd’s CEO, Trip Adler, this extension of its content serves to help both members and publishers. It gives access to more types of books and helps publishers contact new audiences. At the same time, Scribd has also expanded its catalogue of reference books and journals by partnering with Elsevier, a publisher of scientific, technical, and medical materials. Subscribers can now access reference articles, print books, and ebooks about social sciences, engineering, and physical sciences.

Readers and Watchers

Scribd’s decision to offer more types of content to its customers demonstrates that it is well attuned to customers’ wishes. With the absolute wealth of television series and movies at everyone’s fingertips, people are naturally reading less and watching more. Watching shows is an efficient method of taking in stories in our swiftly changing world, so reading has been taking a back seat.

Increasingly, casual readers have been finding less time to read books. Instead of bemoaning the loss of dedication to reading, publishers and book sellers can use this as an opportunity. Most people choose to divide their time among different types of media; by selling a full range of content, books sellers can reach their customers on several different fronts.

Customers Consuming Media

Providing customers with all types of media, including ebooks, audiobooks, movies, video games, and music, caters to several of their needs. Generally, consumers like to have access to different types of media, but they don’t like the accompanying bills. Renting books, movies, music, and audiobooks seems extravagant to most. Customers will be happier if all those rentals instead are presented under one umbrella, with only one bill to pay at the end of the month.

Moreover, giving subscribers access to different sorts of media fulfills their need to please various members of their households. People will be more likely to join a subscription service if they know it can provide wanted content to their spouses and children, instead of satisfying only the subscriber.

Die-hard readers will never die, and there will always be customers who choose a “books only” subscription to ebooks. But even those devoted readers might have their curiosity piqued by the subscription service’s recommendation of an alternate way to experience a story. To reach more customers, an all-in-one service is the way to go.


Gilan Gertz is Content Marketing Manager at GreenPoint Global, a tri-continental outsourcing company. For the past six years, she has researched and written about a variety of topics for GreenPoint Global's online Publishing, Health-Care, and Education Divisions. Previously, she worked as a psychotherapist in outpatient settings. Gilan has a BA from Barnard College and a Master of Social Work degree from Yeshiva University.

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