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Digital Has Changed the Publishing Job Field

In the publishing arena, new roles have been created to keep up with the expansion of digital publishing. Legacy print publishing houses are downsizing traditional staff positions; outsourcing work like marketing campaigns; and hiring social media managers, SEO mangers, e-commerce specialists, engineers, and computer scientists. The changes are impacting job titles and descriptions, taking a heavy toll in production and sales. Content is affected too: number of words, subject matter, and method of presentation, e.g., digital storytelling using audio/visual, native advertising, and audience interaction.

Publishing must become compatible to the digital age. The ultimate goal is to achieve a state wherein “digital and print continue to cohabitate, specific roles in editorial, marketing, and publicity [become] less defined and more cross-functional,” said David Bronstein, chief talent officer at Perseus Books Group, at a Publishers Weekly Discussion Series on September 25;

A Wealth of Publishing Jobs

Jobs in publishing generally require excellent computer skills and IT knowledge. University publishing programs will best help their students land jobs by helping students get internships to hone and showcase their skills. Undoubtedly, the school learning needs to be complemented with grunt work internships. The best school programs offer immersion experiences in all aspects of publishing.

Learning the system is important. For example, within book publishing, the job of editor is considered the top role, while in magazines and newspapers, there is usually an executive publisher above the editorial director. Editors commission authors and writers and are responsible for copy editing, proofreading, and the overall content of the finished product.

Jobs in publishing include the following:

* Commissioning editors

* Publishing editors

* Editorial assistants

* Features editors

* Copy editors and proofreaders

* Newspaper subeditors

* Publishing rights managers

* Digital savvy sales, publicity, and marketing managers

There are many landing opportunities in publishing, while the jobs and job descriptions are pretty much the same. For instance, there are consumer magazines, trade publications, television, digital media publishing, newspapers, book publishing, trade, academic, and religious markets. The job market in publishing might be shrinking in some arenas, but it is burgeoning in others.

Dr. Goldmeier was a Research and Teaching Fellow at Harvard University, where he received his Doctorate in Education. Currently, he teaches international university students and serves as a business analyst and development consultant for companies and nonprofit organizations.

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