Tips for Advancing Your Digital Content Creation

Nowadays, every company, small and large, has to devote its efforts to digital content creation. Digital content creation is the development of educational, entertaining and/or newsworthy material that’s disseminated through electronic media. Staying relevant in a crowded marketplace depends on attracting customers who are increasingly drawn to digital content. Today’s advertising rule is to pull rather than push; attractive digital content exerts the greatest pull on your potential customers.

Your digital-content-creation strategy should entail consistently creating excellent content. Great content can be presented in a variety of formats. Videos, infographics, blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, and Pinterest pictures can be used to tweak your content in millions of creative ways. Your objective is to develop a strong web presence that carries positive connotations.

Two-Way Street

When developing your digital-content-creation strategy, think conversation. You are not just relaying information to an audience; you also want to get something back. Your content should be so interesting and relevant that the audience wants to share it with friends, and “talk back” with pertinent comments. When your customers, both current and potential, engage with and discuss the content, it generates the buzz that every business wants.

Shared and talked-about posts are more likely to be discovered by search engines, which, in turn, boosts the site’s ranking. High search-engine rankings will not guarantee sales, but they bring customers through the doors, sparking their interest in the business.

How can you start a conversation about your content? Think of supplying what people want, such as “how-tos” or funny videos. Clear explanations of complex material, such as research articles in journals, can also get people talking and sharing.

Expand Your Wingspan

When designing your strategy for digital content creation, think about your endgame: to stimulate activity on social media, to have others link to your content, and ultimately, to bring traffic to your site. Diversifying will help you achieve all these objectives. Instead of sticking to one type of content, such as infographics, branch out! Promote your business through all the available platforms, in all sorts of formats, such as videos, blogs, Instagram collages, and slide shares.

Posting different types of content not only makes your business appear more interesting, it also widens your potential audience. Some types of media adapt better to certain platforms, such as mobile apps. Offering more versatile content lets your business be seen in more ways, by more people.

Hide and Seek

According to a survey by HubSpot, consumers expect to find their favorite brands on social media. In fact, they expect to see a company presence on at least three different social platforms. And, according to Twitter’s research, 72 percent of people who follow a company on Twitter are likely to make a purchase from that brand.

It stands to follow that your digital-content-creation strategy should have a social media component. The first step to reaching the leading social media platforms is simple. Before you start designing specific content for Twitter, Google +, and other popular outlets, make certain that your content is sharable. Ensure that your social-sharing buttons are easy to find, clearly visible on all of your pages. Even better, call your readers’ attention to those buttons, with comments such as, “Tell your Facebook friends about us!”

Successful content marketing does not work overnight, but once your excellent content is on the Web, it can keep working for you overtime. Devoting your marketing resources to digital content creation will bring in customers and make your business thrive.

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