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Project Management

Putting It All Together

Our project-management philosophy is centered on four key elements: partnership, planning, communication, and documentation. GreenPoint's focus on quality and speed are the foundation of our strategy. Our project planning and management solutions keep your publishing workflow effective, standardized, and open for last-minute modifications. GreenPoint plans for predictable factors as well as unexpected events and developments. Each phase of the project is organized around timing, collaboration, and technical knowledge both internally and with the client.

Collaboration with human resources, technology, quality assurance, and client relations ensures all processes are on target in terms of resource management, digital tool optimization, delivery quality, and budget. GreenPoint’s team of managers and supervisors provides overall project coordination of all these processes. The publishing department’s project managers communicate regularly in daily meetings. They also meet weekly with the full management team and representatives of supporting departments.

Our ISO-certified project-management team has designed a full-service process that allows transparency and customization from inception to final output. Our dedicated team currently offers project-management services in the following areas:

  • End-to-end project coordination
  • Manuscript and page-proof documentation
  • Key-person liaison
  • Flexible scheduling customization
  • Query resolution

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