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GreenPoint's experts know the publishing world and have carefully observed the dramatic changes shaping the industry with the emergence of portable devices. We provide a full range of content writing, management, and publishing solutions for projects of every size. From conversion and XML workflows to editorial services that include typesetting, copyediting, proofreading, and developmental editing, GreenPoint leads the field in producing accurate, customized, and timely content.

GreenPoint's assets in personnel and technology combine to deliver best-in-class EPUB conversion results, high-quality composition solutions, XML files that are compatible with every major IT platform, and state-of-the-art technology to design and convert documents for the latest portable devices. GreenPoint's DTD/Schema team is a reliable partner in assessing print and electronic publishing project requirements.

GreenPoint's content management services assist in the design, integration, and deployment of highly secured CMS and ECM systems. GreenPoint's team of experts has extensive experience in building and maintaining vast, virtual domains to keep your data safe and easily accessible.

Content services we offer:

GreenPoint Content + Publishing delivers content that is scrutinized according to the high standards of our copy editing and review processes. We employ only editors who are native English speakers. Our team comprises writers, researchers, SMEs, educators, and copy editors who ensure that content is factually correct, readable, economically written, and compliant with the client’s standards and style requirements. The GreenPoint team is known for its subject matter expertise in both the writing and editing of specialized content.

We provide reliable, high-quality, error-free content that is designed to capture your reader's attention. Fact checking, style compliance, copy editing, and finally proofreading are an integral part of our authoring and editing services.

Editorial services we offer:

GreenPoint's project-management philosophy is centered on four key elements: partnership, planning, communication, and documentation. By focusing on quality and speed,we keep your publishing workflow effective, standardized, and open for last-minute modifications.

Collaboration with human resources, technology, quality assurance, and client relations ensures all processes are on target in terms of resource management, digital tool optimization, delivery quality, and budget. Our ISO-certified project management team has designed a full-service process that allows transparency and customization from inception to final output. Learn more.

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